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Welcome to Hope Springs. We are a community of refugees that seek to restore some sense of civilization to the shattered world with which we find ourselves in. We will pull together in these dark times to not only survive, but also to make a brighter future. The road won't be easy or fast, but even a trip of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

We are seeking deputies to keep the peace, teachers and medical professionals to care for the community, scientists and naturalists to provide a bright future, and craftsmen and traders to tend to our needs. Even if you don't fit into any of those categories, you are welcome to join us.

((OOCly: We are an RP guild that wishes to offer an alternative to the biker clubs, mercenaries, and more militant rp groups. We have nothing against these guilds and would welcome them to interact with us either as allies or enemies. But not every character fits into those groups and so we offer Hope Springs as an alternative to the more social character types. If you would like to join, please check out the tourists forums and read our charter. Then click the apply button and answer a few questions about yourself and your toon.  We are under new leadership now with max level toons and experienced players to provide assistance to those who are both new to the game and new to Role Play. ))

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New Clan Page

Portswitch, Oct 12, 11 11:50 PM.
Hey All, just letting you know that a new Clan page has been set up for us, given the current limitations to our free account here. Ain't the prettiest thing yet, but the meat and potatoes are there more forum cap. Head on over to the following adress, get yourself signed up on guildlaunch and click the join clan button. Send a message letting us know who you are so we can get people transferred over.


New Applicant Contacts for In Game Invites - Update

Hekate Jones, Jun 12, 11 1:08 PM.
Mayor:  Zero Chance
City Council:  Hekate Jones, Tullia, Carol Five
Chief of Police:  Zane Richards

Please contact any of the above members if you have any questions about Hope Springs.

Plotlines are running. Please read up so you will know what is going on.

zrochance, Jan 28, 11 5:06 PM.
We have about three plotlines running.  Be sure to read the website so that you are up to date on what is going on.  This saves us all a lot of 're explaining'

Hope Springs Opens to Refugees

Kurt Jessip, Nov 18, 10 9:26 AM.
Hope Springs has begun accepting refugees into town. Seeing a need for stability and home, Mayor Savannah Knight opened the doors of Hope Springs to the teeming masses of refugees trying to survive in the harsh lands. So far a few have arrived, but there is plenty more room for new residents.
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We are recruiting. Players who can describe their character goal as 'working toward the common good.' We are a role-playing clan.
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